Coaching for Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals

Dr. Betsy Kruger

Dr. Betsy Kruger will coach you and your team to get results with the 80/20 rule. Your team will prioritize its best customers, brands, and promotions. These tough decisions will clarify your team’s goals, objectives and strategies.

Betsy puts your team on the right path by showing them step-by-step how to build a prosperous business. Dr. Kruger will guide your team to predict results, set priorities, and build a profit-making machine. Many businesses have profited from her Entrepreneur Abundance System and so can yours. This easy step-by-step system works. You can empower your business by focusing on quality, not quantity.

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Does your audience need a keynote address, seminar, workshop, panel or after-dinner speech? Betsy tailors her speeches for the traits, needs and desires of your group. Betsy will get them laughing as they learn how to use the Entrepreneur Abundance System in their business.


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Robert Iocco

Robert Iocco

“During my years of selling and servicing insurance, the results were exactly as Dr. Kruger predicted… What she has done for any business is to lay out an easy-to-use process for growing top customers.”

Robert Iocco – CPA, CEC, CEO, Trustpoint Insurance, Bristol, VA


Top Market StrategiesAll attendees receive Betsy’s first book, Top Market Strategy!


Coaching for Start-Up Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals

Betsy coaches you and your team to use MAGNIFY in your business. Your team empowers your business by focusing on quality, not quantity. Science confirms how much quality counts. Applying the 80/20 rule in marketing, the top 20% of your customers will produce 80% of your profits. When your team targets these key customers, your business will leap barriers, side-step obstacles, and spark its profits.

  • Betsy gives an honest, outside view of your business.
  • You and your team clarify their goals and align their actions.
  • Your business gains momentum and fulfills your hopes and dreams.

David Holland

Dave Holland

“Just as Dr. Kruger coached me, Holland Financial is focused on serving our target demographic . . She mentors with a sharp perception of what really matters.”

David Holland – President, Holland Financial, Inc., Ormond Beach, FL


So why settle for little profits and lots of hassles? Invest in the goose and protect your golden nest eggs! Betsy coaches entrepreneurs, business teams, and groups of professionals.


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